Tower bell peal records, Quarter peal records, Hand bell peal records, the all new Peal Records 2010 brings you all your records in a click, however you want to view them, be it how many peals of maximus you have rung with somebody - at which towers - and who conducted, its only a few clicks away. No more spreadsheet views of your peals in lists of meaningless numbers, just the information you want presented in a format for humans, not computers, and all in a few clicks.

    Import your records from Microsoft Excel in a few seconds or PealBase if you have the file, all spell-checked and ready to go, other databases can also be converted just send the file to  Peal Records will even add information to your records you didn't know you needed i.e. tenor weights, county names, postcodes and more. All the stuff the  Ringing World asks for when you submit a peal for publication and with the form already filled in!
    Not just the Ringing World either, you can submit your latest performance to the Campanophile website or even The Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers website and the North American Guild of Change Ringers. No more excuses for not publishing your peals, no typing endless lists of ringers names, just click.

    Every peal ringer knows how many peals they have rung, keeping running totals is easy, thats not what Peal Records is designed for, although the numbers are still all there. Its all about keeping your records in a format thats easily manipulated in a "What You See Is What You Get" fashion. With an intuitive user interface you can do it all at the click of a button or two.

    Want to print your peal to stick on the bellfry wall ? Well thats just as easy, select the peal and click on the print tab to see your performance in glorious colour! Add text to any peal detail or add to the existing footnotes and preview your work - simple

    For all you number crunchers out there try the statistics tab, here you will find all your peal information displayed every which way. 
         Find who you have rung what with and where, or who conducted what in what method, or build your own query by  clicking the buttons to display locations, conductors, methods, guilds or number of bells. The permutations are endless (well we all know thats not true, but give it a go) and the peals you select are all on the peal details tab ready to view.

Keep track of all your bellringing friends and acquaintances on the contacts tab, everybody you have ever rung a peal or a quarter with is here, send them an email directly from the page (opens your default email program) and drop them a line.


    Click on tower contacts to see a list of all the towers you have rung at and enter their contact details, view the tower website or send an email. 
    Get all the details of any tower from Doves guide or view the towers peal count to date from the Felstead website. You could even  organise your next outing using Peal Records to keep track of all your tower contact info in one place, and looking for tower information in Doves is so much easier than trawling through back copies of guild reports, even if you have them. 

     Browse your favorite publications website from the Publish / Web tab, the world of the web at your finger tips. 
Although Peal Records does not have a search facility all the links you should need are on the home pages, happy surfing.