Screen Shots

The Details Tab
Peal Records starts here, and opens the last peal rung (or the first if you prefer), 
You can also view the method(s) of the chosen peal and it's composition if it's available.

The Statistics Tab
The information power house for all your records, peals selected here are shown in a group on the details tab, 
also other views including circles, dates rung, personal stats on all your peals and quarters

The Statistics Tab-Circles
Circles for peals and quarters by stage or altogether and days of the year

The Statistics Tab-Personal Stats
Information on all or any location

The Add New/Edit Tab
Adding new performances is easily done using the autofill dropdown menus, just start typing and click,
 here all location information will be filled in automatically.

The Add New/Edit Tab
Click on a name , what could be easier, guilds and methods fill in the same way..........
For handbell peals fill in the treble ringers name then just click the next one down and repeat!

The Print Tab
Peals commemorating that special occasion, print it, frame it, the ringing chamber walls will never be the same

The Publish/Web Tab
A web browser with added functionality, submit your latest peal straight to BellBoard with all the details ready 
filled in, or import peals that others have already published... life just gets easier!

The Milestones Tab
Who's up next for an important footnote, eight categories and may be some surprising results!

The Milestones Tab
Where to ring your next peal for a circle, and those you've achieved