Welcome to Peal Records

How do you save your peal records?

In the back the Ringing World diary?

In an Excel spreadsheet?

In an Access database?

All do the job, but not as well as Peal Records software.

Who knows what ringers want... well, ringers!

Designed for you, and mostly by you, Peal Records gives you the speed of today's connected world with the tradition of the art in it's foundations.

Take a look at the screen shots to decide if it's for you, if you like it then no more back of the RW diary or spreadsheet

to look at with lists of meaningless information, just the information you want with a click or two and much more!

Try it free for 60 days, long enough to get the feel of this software. Feature requests are always welcome (I can't think of everything)

Here's a quick list of what you can do:-

    • Save a peal in record time using auto fill for places, methods, guilds, ringers names etc.

    • Download peals saved on BellBoard (even less typing).

    • Save performances in 20 categories from tower peals or quarters to peals on simulators (includes mini-rings, handbells and more).

    • Automatically add footnotes for that all important 100th peal, and many more milestones.

    • Publish your latest peal on BellBoard with all the required information filled in automatically.

    • Automatically add information on towers, mini-rings, portable-rings.

    • Can you see circles! Peal Records can, for peals and quarters shown in graphical form.

    • How many changes per minute in my slowest peal, hmmm bet you dont know!

The list goes on......